December 16, 2013

A real blog post.

I miss 6 or 7 years ago. I miss it because I used to blog more, like really blog and write things. I think I am pretty funny, so I felt like I was really putting myself out there by talking about things I love (things I didn't love)

You want to know what's been on my mind lately?

1. The Grinch (cartoon) We own it and I can't find the disk. Jack recorded it on the DVR and Colt LOVES it. So I sit and fast forward every 3 min (feels like) with little reward as it is only 20 min long. Colt recognizes the case and carries it around. It's like the case lives and moves around to mock me. Grrrr....

2. I took that "What's your mental age" thing on Facebook. Apparently, I am right on track as I just turned 28, and I am right on the level. It's better than acting younger than my age, but I was hoping to be wise you know?

3. I am so sad Christmas is so close. I have made EVERY effort to watch every Christmas movie, many times. Because of this, I have made a life goal to visit the Rosemary Clooney home in Kentucky owned by former Miss America Heather French. Yes, I have thoroughly gone through the Christmas movies. I also have a renewed love for tap dancing.

4. What a blessing our Air Force Scholarship has been. Monetarily -yeah. However, I think the mentality from it has really caused me to be a better adult. Maybe grow up a little. Good thing, would have been embarrassing on that mentality test.

5. I love Christmas, and I love Santa. I love the practice of believing in something you can not see.

6. Parenting with Crappy Pictures. If you haven't read it, you should check it out here and there. She just did a lovely post about choices we make as mothers. I would like to brag that I am a 10. But really I am a solid 2. I am just a closet 10 where I seek out others that would like to use formula, use the TV and iphone while rearing their children but are too afraid to really say it for fear of getting eaten alive.

7. I have been "busy" my entire life. I have been involved in everything I can get my hands on. The list of achievements and "business" doesn't make me happy. The people I have interacted with along the way have made me happy, I think that's why I keep it up I guess. Once I recieved some great advice of standing on the mountain of trials I had overcome and accomplishments I have had, waving my flag around would not get me anywhere but farther from the foundation in which I started building upon. It eventually will get harder and harder to see the people at the bottom that supported me as I stand alone, self absorbent on the top. It feels good to be coming down off my mountain.

And here I end. I think anymore thought would just start into a sob stories about how people suck, or stories about how my lack of gallbladder has directly effected my ability to plan my day, in turn, forcing me to appreciate the lock on the bathroom door. How Colt can zone out of anything I say directly to him, but can sense my "headed to the throne" walk.

This has been therapeutic. Here's to an early New Year's resolution of blogging back to the good ol' days.

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  1. Loved your mountain thought...Just what I needed to hear! You're great!