February 26, 2015

Typical Things We Do

We have days I am sure like anyone else:
 We stare at the baby's face and eyes. We cross our fingers that the blue eyes don't change.
 We put our hands out like bear claws when mom says "Hey, smile for the camera!"
 We entertain the baby with independently motorized trains circling 'round and 'round that he can't touch
 We sit by daddy, waiting patiently until it's time to WRESTLE!
 We request to have our pictures taken and then "I see the picture goin' on?" and are satisfied with blank stare shots.
 We think that trying to take a picture of the baby is a good way to distract him from being hungry. Then we realize, we aren't fooling anybody.
 We try to encourage tummy time and mobility by taking pictures on the floor.
 We decide that the 3 year old is really good at this activity, and should also show of his skills, as well as the fact he didn't change out of his PJs today.
 We move the baby to his own room, because the toddler talks in his sleep and wakes the baby, which then wake the toddler up fully. We celebrate by taking pictures. Attractive pictures...
 We go through the pre-school backpack looking for "worthy of keeping art." I would say Alligator hat gets to stay.
I am sure WE don't do anything that doesn't happen in everyone else's home too. I will never regret capturing these quiet, everyday moments, especially when they start out with a blue eyed baby that is bursting out of his pajama top in the chest he's so chubby. You were distracted by his gorgeous eyes that you didn't notice, right?

Remember that bad parenting I am good at? Here's another one indicating laziness: Moments after we took a picture of Colt in his pajamas, I started chasing him. He ran over a pile of unfolded laundry (yes, we are currently using that as our closet to choose from each morning) that included a garment with a hook and eye fastener. It ripped through the bottom of the footie pjs. I kept chasing him, ignoring the piece of clothing dragging behind him, until he turned around and stopped me with his hand "stop mom!" "my foot? it hurts?" I saw it, but I chose to do nothing. I was just proud that I had him giggling. Ok, so it's not terrible parenting until you dissect the fact that it could have been avoided if I would have just put the clothes away. Yeah...the clothes are still there.

February 22, 2015

Art For Art's Sake

Let's talk about my latest "art" project. Stick with me here, this post is a little heart felt, and at the end is a cool painting that has been a couple of years in the making. Basically I am telling you it took it has taken a long time to get to brag about it on my blog, so you should check it out.

It's no secret if you have ever been in my house the things that I like and am drawn to:

Lamps and soft lighting
Painting stuff
and an upcoming interest in Foxes, may or may not be related to "What does the fox say?"

It's no secret that I like to take pictures, and for me, I guess that's me making an effort to be an artist and filling my home with beauty. I am of the opinion that your home should reflect things that are important to you, or at least meaningful. (because I feel like Dr. Pepper is important, but that doesn't mean I should display empty bottles of it in my living space. That "art" is downstairs displayed in my collection of emergency water supply.)

Clearly my meaningful things are pictures of my children, family, Christ and the temple as these are a main focus in our home. Recently Jack and I have decided to branch out a little and start considering other pieces of art to add to our home.

Also not a secret, Jack likes to hunt. Both of us really love the outdoors and are currently in the ongoing search for the perfect depiction of "hunting" to display and enjoy. Recently we were introduced to artists Hayden and Dallen Lambson. They seem to fit the aforementioned criteria, and we are frequent Cabelas shoppers so I get a break from camo and gun shopping to browse something I deem more interesting.

For those of you that aren't the hunting enthusiasts, which is like 90% of the people that would be reading this, I have been checking out this site lately invaluable.com
It's an online art auction site.

There is A WHOLE LOT to look at, and I am starting to appreciate it, as it may be my only source for fine art that doesn't have a deer in it to find it's way into my home. One time I went to the auction house and got some amazing old trunks for super cheep. But, that was easier to get out to when it was so much closer and in a smaller town. I might be able to handle the excitement of bidding on something pretty online.
*or I could indulge my inner avengers fetish and find something AWESOME like this painting of Thor. I think the bid is at $1, stay back you guys, I think I could win this one!

In my mind I view it as a auction house/antiques roadshow thrilling experience. I might accidentally run across a real treasure! and perhaps it makes me feel sophisticated, which is hard to do when every member of your family wears camo.

I took this picture
And this picture
and gave it to my grandmother, Rolaine Hansen who also is another artist I really admire, and asked her to create something. I have grown up watching her paint, and have always wanted something of hers to keep and an heirloom of sorts. I think I accidentally came across something more meaningful than I originally expected.
While we live so far away from each other, I really feel like this was a joint project. It helps that the pictures are taken of the landscape in the countryside my grandparents have lived in my entire life which also just happens to be the same place Jack's parents live. Thus we have the ultimate art piece we could ever own, as it somehow (at least in my mind) is an heirloom for Jack and I to equally treasure.
So there you have it. My painting, that I love, of which I didn't paint, but is an original of "mine."
For those of you whom are also interested in letting art speak to them, here's the link to the paintings section http://www.invaluable.com/paintings/cc-AF14022FJQ/. Worth taking a peak at. Of course, the whole site is filled with great stuff... Stay away from my Thor!
Next on the blog: How to confuse your Grandma into thinking you want her to make a beautiful piece of art to give your in-laws for no compensation... :)

February 20, 2015

Favorite Things Friday

I have been a Maroon 5 lover for a long time, and I don't really think I knew it. A couple of weeks ago, while running on the treadmill using You Tube to play some of their songs to run to, it hit me. You know on Runaway Bride when she goes through the effort to find "her" favorite eggs because she had been copying each of her fiance's likes and interests? I happen to think we all kinda do that in one way or another. Music was one of those "bouncing interests" for me. 

I DO actually enjoy a variety of genres, that has always been true, and thanks to many people over the years, I have been introduced to more artists with real talent and musicality that I never would have noticed on my own. But I had the realization of what was truly mine, and only my favorite artist, by no influence of anyone else after I watched the following Sugar video by Maroon 5.Took me long enough, I guess. 

Confession time: I choke up, or straight out cry when I watch  (being pretty literal about that) I love surprises and I can't stop thinking of how cool this would have been. 

Looking back, before "life changing personal realization 2015" I do have 3 Pandora stations named after one of their songs, as well as just their band name. I am shockingly knowledgeable on a lot of their lyrics, that I subconsciously learned, and have always been drawn to watching the voice and random facts about the band members. For crying out loud, I watched and recorded the two seasons of Project Runway because a band member's sister was a designer. (her name was Amanda, and I feel like that is just an added "weird fan fact" about me)

This euphoric giddiness I am feeling about my realization in liking them, is the same silly excitement I know I had in High School when I LOVED Lord of the Rings and had a poster of Legolas, because seriously the elf was hot; not Orlando Bloom-Legolas. Perhaps he is the real motivation for wanting to learn to shoot a bow.... 

Still love LOTR, and am waiting for the extended version box set of the Hobbit to match my LOTR collection. But really I don't need to get into how secretly nerdy I am. Ever watch King of the Nerds? Yeah, I record that too...

You better believe I am headed over to itunes right now to purchase this song that I have decided that I look up on YouTube enough to make it worth my, what, $1.30? Yes, please! :)

February 17, 2015

My little record breakers

I am sure as many mothers place their children in hand-me-downs from previous children, some outfits spark a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I experienced my first jaunt down that path this past weekend with this little number-down to the Walmart brand girl sweatpants. (They had a better waist band) 
This outfit is significant because we are photographing Colt taking his first legitimate steps. Clay however is breaking records in the sweater because he is in size 6 diapers and still not rolling over. That doesn't mean we don't love him, but even the doctor said "eh, he IS rather large" when we approached the subject. 

Now Clay really hasn't gained any weight in a month. This is a relief. A 4 month old that is 22 lbs is a little worse than a 5 month old at the big 22.  For those that don't dabble in the diaper world, they don't make them any bigger than 6. If his tummy gets any rounder I have to consider getting a medical necessity note from the doctor to order special sizes from medical supply, because lets face it, I was not meant for cloth diapering. Poop I can handle, but previous blog posts have proven that I am no June Cleaver. It's just one more thing I am unwilling to add to my daily tasks. I am drowning over here, and the dumb part, it's a little self inflicted. It's also not as bad as it sounds; a little drama here. 

So we will keep feeding our little porker. Let's all say a little prayer that he rolls over and starts to move so we can keep the diaper issue under control. 

February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Quick Christmas Recap

I hate when I have to play catch up. I really really hate it. BUT having two children is making it harder than I expected to function on a daily basis. 

We traveled for Christmas this year. Jack's sister got married, and we were excited to be there for it. Which meant we had a whirlwind of fun! The following are a few pictures summing up our travels. We were lucky and got to experience both warm and cold. We were able to have a coat-less photoshoot, and then the next day throw snow balls. It was awesome! 

January 27, 2015

Something I am proud of

Life has really gotten away from me lately. In a good way I guess. For one thing my baby is ginormous. A week and a half ago he had his shots and was 21 lbs. and now he's 22 lbs 28 inches. He is in the 99 percentile for both. He is so round in the tummy that the baby carrier hardly snaps around his little belly. We had a car seat that is rear facing, I just LOVE that he naps so well in the car seat while we are shopping. However, Clay is a pool of squish and it's fabulous. 

I was called into the Primary Presidency a couple of months ago and I am loving it. Turns out, this calling was made for me, yes, for real. I really love living here. This may be because my ego was boosted last week when I was asked to create things. More specifically, quotes for the priesthood preview. Most of them I made on the computer - proud of myself - haven't really done a whole love of chalkboard stuff, so I feel pretty good about it. The theme the stake picked was "Where will the priesthood take you?" and it was all travel themed. They did a fabulous job, as I am sure the pictures will tell you. 

Again, I just made the quotes

 paper airplane launchers. If you look carefully, there is a hoop that you can aim them through

Moral of this whole story, I made the quotes and am all proud of myself. A few of them I drew by hand on an actual chalkboard, so I can't really share those.