August 19, 2014

Truth Tuesday: bad shopping trip, old lady and my vent about it.

Here's the latest truth about how I feel:

I am 36 weeks pregnant. I am not all that anxious for the baby to come out. Easier in than out, I am a little terrified. However, I am not nearly as fat as last time, I feel like I am winning.

I also don't mind at all when people make comments about how big I am. I know that my belly is protruding, and I kinda like it.

Went to walmart. We have not been grocery shopping in a VERY long time, thus this was a HUGE trip. I used a cart that has the blue attachment for a couple of children knowing I would need the shopping space. I am in the check out line. Colt is now standing in the seat. I get it, you don't want the child to stand in the cart. I am aware. But he's not screaming or moving and is infatuated with this ball we got at target that looks like a duck, and is super squishy. To his credit, I had shoved so much stuff in the cart, he really couldn't sit comfortably and had to sit all squished to the side. This passer by old lady, not coming to check out, stops and tells me that my child should really be sitting down. I am unloading my ton of stuff, I thank her for letting me know, and she proceeds to tell Colt to sit down. 

Not many of you know my son. He is stubborn. (most commonly I am told by people "whoa, he's determined isnt he?") He throws major fits. I have found myself having to drag him out of places as he screams like a banshee. He does NOT like strangers to touch him, and any day at the store I am not leaving crying myself because he is making such a scene is a MAJOR deal. 

Not only is Colt ignoring her, he is continuing to play with the ball. This lady, was NOT going to back down. I am unloading the cart and see that she is now tickling the backs of his knees telling him to "come on buddy, you really need to sit down." Now she has Colt's attention and he is starting to squirm and grunt/yelp at her. So I have to stop what I am doing, jam my large belly around the cart and in between her and my child. I let her know that he probably wasn't going to listen to her, and thanks for trying. I THEN got a small, "well my child fell once and blood was everywhere." I kind of ignored her, sat Colt down by distracting him and went back to what I was doing.

SHE THEN proceeds to tell two other people that have gotten in line behind me how irresponsible it is to let your child stand in the cart, as well as the cashier. Finally, as more people try to get in line, she squeezes out and then leaves. 

I wish the story ended here. 

I get the cart forward so I can start loading the cart, I try really hard to keep up with the bagging so we can efficiently get out of there. I am good, they turn the bags, I am on it. This skill comes with usually having a cranky child.

I don't know if my INSANE speed intimidated her, but she stopped bagging things that would clearly fit in a bag. The first thing was the package of depends I bought for after the baby so I didn't have to worry about it coming home from the hospital. So I grab the free standing adult underwear package, and give it to Colt to hold. What else was I supposed to do with it?

It kept happening, a pack of cheese, an organizer box, bottle of scrubbing bubbles and a small set of plastic drawers, the drawers are falling all over the place (at this point I am now bagging things myself.) So as I am throwing things in bags and stuffing them in the crevices of my cart, she comes over the scan the sand table I was buying. The sticker is EASILY exposed and says $15 on it. She tried once to scan it, turns, looking at me in the eye and says "this won't scan."

"oh, I am sorry."

"what even is this thing." 
"it's an outdoor sand table."
"well is there another one that you can go get?" 
"yeah, a whole pile, sitting outside."
"so you'd have to go outside to get another one?"
"yes. yes I would." 

At this point, one of the "green" shirt employees (with occasional power) walks up and says "whoa, you have a balloon in your belly, I mean that is really round. When are you due?" this distracts cashier lady who goes back to her post as the supervisor proceeds to ask the usual "are you just so done with this?" 

Miraculously, the cashier completes my transaction in that time frame and I am allowed to go on my way. 

The best part though...I really did have a primo parking spot, right between the last handicap spot and the cart return. No arguing there, it was the saving grace to this whole thing. 

August 14, 2014


It's been a while. I know that. In fact, every time I approach updating my blog I am stopped because I feel like I have something more important that takes precedent. For instance, laundry, eating etc. I am not going to lie, a LOT more has been going on around here, none of it bad.

I am very blessed to have various avenues to keep me busy. I am blessed to know that I will never have a lack of things to do.

In the last two months we have:

  • Conquered  the first set of boards with flying colors
  • Moved during extreme heat and humidity
  • Put on a ten year reunion 
  • Visited family- had a week packed full of fun!
  • Found a new doctor
  • Continued to grow the baby
  • Went back to Idaho for my brother's wedding
I have updated as many of the events as I could bellow this post- all back dated-all written the same day. I am not trying to fool anyone except my future posterity. 
  I am mad at myself for not taking pictures of the moving truck, or the fact that we had to pay someone to take out our trash because all 3 of our vehicle AS WELL as the truck we packed so full we couldn't do anything about it.

However, I did take pictures of our adventure to the zoo with Papa. Which was awesome! I loved having so much time to enjoy my favorite men having a great time.

You have to stick your hand in his mouth to donate any money. It's a little intimidating.

This is the face of a little boy that is captivated with elephants.

August 13, 2014

Deric's Wedding

Lucky, lucky me, I was able to make it back home to my little brother Deric's wedding. This blog post is most likely going to be a two part post. When the photographer's pictures come back, yes we are going to re-address this.

Because I am so far along, I had to ask my doctor if it was alright if I could go. Basically, this wedding was a touch and go for me, and I am SO HAPPY it worked out, I am back in Missouri, and everything seems to be normal. *whew

It was so fun to get to know Deric's inlaws. They were so nice, and held a really excited pep for days. They are the kind of people that everyone loves, and I am so glad they seem to love my brother so much. Deric is a really special person. In high school, I know some girls used to call him "Der Per the care bear." He really is that sweetie.

Deric and Makenzie. His wife's name is Makenzie. I don't think I have mention that up to this point.

Oh my word, my brother is so cute. I have this thing for grey suits, this may be part of my "let me tell you how great my brother is" post this is turning out to be.

Colt, despite fighting to have the entire bag of marshmallows, was very eager to share with everyone. I think Saylor appreciated it.

34 weeks. Bought this dress exactly one week prior to the wedding. Almost passed out trying to suck my ribs in so Heidi could clasp it shut in the back. Baby boy's a growin'!

SEE! you can tell by how tight it is around my waist. Wasn't like that before.

Their sealing in the temple was so great. I know I remember the sweet things that their sealer said than my own... but that may be also due to the fact I didn't just get married. A couple of things I took with me and think about often are:

1. He mentioned the quote “To love another person is to see the face of God.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables     I know I have heard this many times, but this time it was different. I enjoyed sitting in the house of the Lord, soaking up the peaceful, happy spirit contemplating the significance of having a marriage centered around God and how being able to love someone so deeply is part of that God centered union. I feel that spiritual connection when I think of why I love Jack, I know I felt that Godly love when I first laid eyes on Colt. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is a God of Love, and I am able to have that in my life every day. 

2. He mentioned so cutely canning with his mother. Comparing the steps and preparation it takes to can, to the steps we take to be baptized, confirmed, endowed and finally sealed for time and all eternity to that of the efforts made in canning. He wrapped it all up with "let's make this marriage 'pop!' " just like the sound of a successful seal of a jar. The real significance of this (for me, I think I am really the only one that cares this much) is they centered their reception around mason jars. All the center pieces down to the cheese cake served in jars. It was just so fitting that he would talk about jars, canning and marriage in the temple with the sealing of both. Does anyone else get what I am saying? It was SO cute! I wish it was my own wedding so I could justify having a mason jar in my home the "sealed March7,2009" on it and have it correlate with my wedding memories. 

 There will be a round two. Hopefully with some of the decorations and such from the wedding showcasing the jars. I have really been terrible about pictures, even when I actually make an effort to bring it. Silly me. 

July 5, 2014

Hansen Camping 2014

This is your fair warning, there are a lot of 
pictures in this post.(they are super cute, but proceed at your own risk)
These shoes were originally purchased for my little brother. (He just got married) They were the shoes that, because they were brand name, were then passed around to most of my cousins to wear camping. They are of sentimental value to my entire extended family. 

...And here we have my little Colt sporting them! I swoon a little at these pictures. You know, the picture your mom has of you that you don't understand WHY she keeps around because it's so random. This will probably be mine.

Despite the terrified look, he LOVED the slide and surprised both Jack and I when he decided to quit waiting for someone to go with. He just does his thing aint nobody gonna get in his way.

Someone had to yell for me to see what was going on  
(parenting win right there, not paying attention to my 3 year old as he wanders around the woods) There he went, walked right up, looked at the other kids and just went for it. Over and over.

We eat so good when we are camping. It's so much, and it's so good. I just had dinner, and now I am hungry again, or I am 35 weeks pregnant and that's a usual thing...

After all that adorable water sliding, Colt crashed. We laid him on someone's sleeping bags (not ours, we had to fly home to Missouri the next day, so we weren't there to really camp out) Turns out, he was wearing a swim diaper. If you are a mother, you know that swim diapers are only for poop, pee goes right through it. So I hurried and put a towel under him. I was NOT the one to get him up, and therefore have no clue if he peed. So, lucky family member who may have had a wet bed, sorry.

Love my family, love the cabin, LOVE that we were able to come, even if it was a short visit.

This is our annual cousin picture missing I think 6. Pitty, it was one of my better ideas for posing using a picnic table and then stairs.

This is the strangest thing for me, us holding the "great-grandchildren." Also, Lauretta in the yellow is 2 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. Just proves that everyone is different, I just happen to be the bigger pregnant woman kind of different :)