January 15, 2014

Great moment of the day

You know when you are testing a backdrop to make sure it works, and you realize you have the cutest kid in the world? 

That happened to me today.

January 8, 2014

Christmas Day!

We again (as we always seem to be) were spoiled for Christmas. Let's be real, I learned to do Christmas from the best. (Mom & Dad) They are awesome with creating anticipation and excitement. I remember hearing the phrase "no we can't buy it, remember, Christmas is coming up soon" The real strategy of Christmas: Collect even the most trivial purchases starting at least 4 months in advance and gift them for Christmas. This huge pile of gifts you see, let's just say some of them are hardly show stoppers. For goodness sake I took a little basketball that he had, hid it for several months, and it's a new hit. 

Yet another witness of stretching gifts. I foam letters that go in the bath tub, bundled them by color and made 5 gifts out of one.

I will be honest, this stethoscope was an annoyance gift for me. I bought it after Halloween 2 years ago for 50cents. It is cheap plastic and smells strongly of it. However, it's a hit. Colt constantly is playing with it, and it's strong plastic-y scent that makes me want to set fire to my nostrils. 

 He got several boxes of fruit snacks, that I buy anyway...

When he woke up, I had set up the camera so I could take a picture of all of us before the mess really got going. He was so excited that Santa came with presents, but he was ALL OVER the fact that the camera was out to capture his cute face and we almost couldn't continue until we took the picture.

January 7, 2014

Christmas eve

This year we got all sorts of excited about acting out the Nativity for Christmas Eve. I just knew Colt would think this was so fun. All his friends were there, I was thrilled to get some traditional activities underway.

We had a cute little Shepard


Our Joseph needed a break from all the travel, so he took over the Donkey ride.
The Angel of the Lord had, with a lot of power, told of the Birth.
Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, in their first family picture.
Conversing with their visitors from afar. Are you wondering why my child hasn't been featured at all?
That's because he was busy taking up all the room in the Inn. He slept the whole time, right up until we were about to leave.

He missed the whole production.
But was just in time for the treats!

We came home and in McKie family tradition, we had a late Christmas Eve. dinner. We took a million of these pictures. Colt couldn't get enough of the tri-pod and the timer.

 Please enjoy the video of how it really went down

January 1, 2014

Things I think:

-Now that gmail has tabs, I spend time looking through my promotions. Disney need not be so concerned as to where I organize their promotional emails. I am MORE likely to see them this way.

-Whatever garlic sprinkle Dominos puts on their pizzas is tasty.

-Having friends that are willing to sit and chill with no planned activity makes life happy and simple.

-Moving to a different school in high school made me feel like I had two seperate lives during childhood. Oddly, it makes me uncomfortable when I see that someone from one world knows a significant amount of people from my other life, like there is a glitch in my timeline or something.

-Having 3 sets of identical twins on a college football team makes my eyebrows do funny things.

-It's a really good thing What Not To Wear is over. My surprisingly large collection of yoga wear is my preferred outfit of choice these days.

-I love Dr. Pepper. (I think this every day)

-I have every intention of coloring in the Grinch in our "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." It bothers me that only red highlights are featured.

December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

2013 has been the best for our little family. Seriously, the best!

Jack rocks at medical school. It is hard, and he does study all the time. Colt recognizes the school as Daddy's permanent location. Even when we are all in the car and just driving by, that's where Daddy exists. Jack has really taken advantage of the woods around here and became a bow hunter, nabbing both a buck and a doe on the same day! He really enjoys using down time, going out with his friends, and using the great outdoors to relax those racing brain cells. I enjoy the tasty meat in our freezer!

I enjoy being at home. I keep busy chasing Coltster the boltster, doing a few pictures for people here and there and serving on the Student Advocate Association board. I recently was called to be the Personal Progress Adviser for the Young Women! I LOVE IT! I am so blessed to be serving all over the place, and look forward to my 10 year High School Reunion coming up. I was the senior class president and have lost sleep for 10 years in anticipation for this event and can't wait to see everyone and be rid of the nightmares that I "just forgot" to put one on. 

Colt is a super smart cookie. He is obsessed with children's shows that quiz him about numbers, shapes, letters and colors. Super Why and Blues Clues are his current loves. He found them on my Amazon Prime app all by his smart little self. He also does anything for marshmallows. Our little dude is a big on giving kisses, telling us what to do and last but not least Winnie-the-Pooh is still his best friend.

This coming summer we will be moving again, but only 3 hours away. The 3rd and 4th years of medical school are spent rotating in each specialty the students have been studying. Our school has various spots for students to move for rotations all over the country. Each student has the chance of submitting their top 6. The choices are submitted and a lottery system is used 7 times to determine where each student will go. The lottery selection that has the most students in their top three is what the school uses. For our class MANY were placed in their top choice. We were part of that lucky group. We are so excited to be moving, and more excited that our relocation will mark the halfway point of medical school. Our little family is blessed more and more each day. I am grateful for the gospel and the opportunity to reflect on Christ and the atonement this Christmas season. Keep up with our happenings all year long on our blog!

Merry Christmas!
Amanda and her two handsome men

December 18, 2013

Swap Shop

I did a few funny posts about the hilarious stuff I find on the local swap shop. I have been collecting, but never really get around to making it a priority to get rid of the names (really time consuming, and Colt has a habit of being a busy 2 year old. Did I tell you he cut a hole in his shirt the other day while our friends were here hanging out?)

THIS HOWEVER, made my year. One can only assume it is a mother/son conversation.
I can't stop reading this.

December 17, 2013


Once my Aunt and Uncle moved to Utah. When there were preparing and looking, their daughter LOVED David Archuletta. Let's be real, the "David Bug" lives strong in our home. She joked about moving to his school, dating, marrying etc.

Secretly, I wanted that plan to work out. Still could. She is serving a mission and so is he...

I write about this because, I saw this and fell in love with him (his beautiful voice and hope in the ability to stand up for what you believe) all over again.


This link goes to an article and youtube videos of him singing in Spanish on his mission in case you thought I was trying to virus your computer.

December 16, 2013

A real blog post.

I miss 6 or 7 years ago. I miss it because I used to blog more, like really blog and write things. I think I am pretty funny, so I felt like I was really putting myself out there by talking about things I love (things I didn't love)

You want to know what's been on my mind lately?

1. The Grinch (cartoon) We own it and I can't find the disk. Jack recorded it on the DVR and Colt LOVES it. So I sit and fast forward every 3 min (feels like) with little reward as it is only 20 min long. Colt recognizes the case and carries it around. It's like the case lives and moves around to mock me. Grrrr....

2. I took that "What's your mental age" thing on Facebook. Apparently, I am right on track as I just turned 28, and I am right on the level. It's better than acting younger than my age, but I was hoping to be wise you know?

3. I am so sad Christmas is so close. I have made EVERY effort to watch every Christmas movie, many times. Because of this, I have made a life goal to visit the Rosemary Clooney home in Kentucky owned by former Miss America Heather French. Yes, I have thoroughly gone through the Christmas movies. I also have a renewed love for tap dancing.

4. What a blessing our Air Force Scholarship has been. Monetarily -yeah. However, I think the mentality from it has really caused me to be a better adult. Maybe grow up a little. Good thing, would have been embarrassing on that mentality test.

5. I love Christmas, and I love Santa. I love the practice of believing in something you can not see.

6. Parenting with Crappy Pictures. http://crappypictures.com/ If you haven't read it, you should check it out here and there. She just did a lovely post about choices we make as mothers. I would like to brag that I am a 10. But really I am a solid 2. I am just a closet 10 where I seek out others that would like to use formula, use the TV and iphone while rearing their children but are too afraid to really say it for fear of getting eaten alive.

7. I have been "busy" my entire life. I have been involved in everything I can get my hands on. The list of achievements and "business" doesn't make me happy. The people I have interacted with along the way have made me happy, I think that's why I keep it up I guess. Once I recieved some great advice of standing on the mountain of trials I had overcome and accomplishments I have had, waving my flag around would not get me anywhere but farther from the foundation in which I started building upon. It eventually will get harder and harder to see the people at the bottom that supported me as I stand alone, self absorbent on the top. It feels good to be coming down off my mountain.

And here I end. I think anymore thought would just start into a sob stories about how people suck, or stories about how my lack of gallbladder has directly effected my ability to plan my day, in turn, forcing me to appreciate the lock on the bathroom door. How Colt can zone out of anything I say directly to him, but can sense my "headed to the throne" walk.

This has been therapeutic. Here's to an early New Year's resolution of blogging back to the good ol' days.

December 15, 2013

Snow is fun...Until it's not

We finally got some snow around here. Just as it's annoying when it's raining and sunny outside, it's also frustrating to be freezing to the bone with no snow. It just feels miserable. Snow around here is my favorite because it feels like being a kid again when you are waiting for school to be cancelled; the town could totally shut down. 

Colt finally cared about the snow. All he wanted to do was throw it. He would only take pinches at a time, so I thought we was going to eat it, but he just threw it. The pictures show his happiness quickly followed by the delayed "Why does my hand feel like it's going to explode?"

Bring on the White Christmas! We are ready for it!

December 7, 2013

2013 Santa Meltdown

I feel like I should have this fabulous funny story to go with the following. I really don't. Other than this is try number 2 with Santa and we spent time watching movies and talking about him and even got as far as getting excited when he saw him this time-no change. 
This is the one we will print and keep forever.
The city provides free Santa for a month of Saturdays. Last week I volunteered to help and got to know Santa and all of his plans for Christmas this year. Basically, he is a really awesome guy and even was willing to hold M&Ms to bribe Colt over. Colt almost went for it. The disappointing part is it's finals right now, so I was alone and had to hand the camera to someone else. She obviously got everything she could. If only Jack were there I could have gotten back and got the cute moment where he pointed and smiled and took a candy cane from Santa. Eh. Don't be surprised if I post another set next week. I have 2 more Saturdays.

After we were all done, we stood back and he watched and chatted and then made sure to say good bye to him. Little booger. After this, we headed to Walmart where Colt proceeded to eat a small bag of cheetos, drink some chocolate milk and rub his head. Then he proceeded to throw his usual fit, and strangers proceeded to walk by me and say things like "awe, poor kid." Sometimes, I think it eggs him on. I also want to stop them and say "Don't feel sorry for him, this is a result of him being spoiled." Because, let's face it, he is.

For instance, the last 3 days has been a "no eating" stand off because he only wants to eat gummi bears or popsicles. I broke him tonight however when he finally ate carrots and a sandwhich. Did you catch the 3 days. My child has refused to eat anything for 3 days. Spoiled. It's a really good thing we sleep at night because it is like pushing the resent button for me. He wakes up and cuddles with me, pretend snores in my arms for several min and then we start our day. So maybe he spoils me too in a way.