July 4, 2015

Disneyland 2015

Guys, we went to Disneyland. To nobody's surprise, it was awesome! If I am feeling ambitious, I will write my own version of "how to" for children. For now this will be our journal entry of sorts. FYI, there are a lot of pictures to scan through so I will write here and then small captions below where needed. We went with the McKies which meant 3 grandchildren and lots of adults. I got told once by the cast members, so I think I was somewhere in between technically.

I did it all, matching shirts, brought the stroller, photopass the works. WORTH. IT. 

Things that won:
Cars Land. Slow clap Disney. Truly magical. Enough that my 4 year old that struggles with language woke up one morning and insisted that we go there and that he liked it. I don't ever get conversation like that with him really, and this made me tear up a little bit.

Pooh Bear. He is my son's hero. We brought his "love-ie" Pooh Bear and the experience is going to get it's own post. 

Single Rider line. Not sure how new this is, but I don't recall it from before. Awesome. 

This is the ultimate win.

Bubble Guns. You know that stop smoking comercial where the smoke becomes bubble instead. I feel like I lived the euphoric happiness of living in a land of bubbles floating everywhere. You are never too old for bubbles, and you are NEVER sorry you bought something that blows them for you. 

Because it was the Diamond celebration, they had all kinds of special commemorative items for sale, including a $2,000 pair of Mickey ears. I re-learned about myself that I like sparkly things. IF I had all the money in the world, I would buy all the sparkly things. 

*if you make it to the bottom, I included a gem.
I did make all the shirts, thanks for wondering

Loved all the photo-ops set up around the park.

One child left this ride with a fear of waterfalls, one child didn't mind it.

Colter is literally trying to determine if Lightning McQueen is alive or not. It was later noted that he is. 

First ride
First time meeting Sleeping Beauty for me. Moments before I sprayed
Dr. Pepper all over myself. This did not stop me, I am a die hard. 

This is our buddy Carl and his children. We were plane ride buddies.
Disney brings everyone together.

Colter and Jack are in the back- first roller coaster. He was convinced it was fun, this lasted the whole trip. 

I have saved this picture in so many places, there is no way I can lose it. This is why Disney will always have my vote.

I also made these shirts. I found character signatures and then drew them on there myself. I am in love with these. 

They took being monkeys in the monkey car very seriously. It was adorable!

Hands down his favorite ride.

after  A LOT of attempts to coherse him to wear the glasses and some hard "NO!!"s, it took halfway through one ride to figure it out on his own stubborn timetable. THEN we couldn't stop ridding this one. 

We reached our peak for "smile" that he got creative

One of my favorite pictures of us. 

These are them, the $2,000 beauties. 
Now that you have made it to the bottom, here is a sweet treat of a story for you.

Colter is stubborn. He also doesn't try new things, usually until forced to try and then SHOCKER he loves it. This included most characters and rides. We tried to get on the storybook boats that have all the Disney stories represented by mini creations of locations i.e. Tiny castles and cottages where characters live. You start this ride by floating through the mouth of the whale from Pinocchio.

 Colter was almost uncontrollable as we got on the boat. He was SCREAMING and tried to leap out of my arms off the boat into the water. BUT like good parents we sat him down and forced him to ride the ride, knowing he would like it. This display lasted until we entered the mouth of the whale and IMMEDIATELY Colt stops, and says "oh, we're not dead." and then happily listened and experienced our guided tour.

He literally thought we were going to die.

One day, we will get to the point where he will know how to express his unique thoughts and fears. It's gotten so much better since pre-school started. Still trying to decide if this was another parenting fail to add to our long list...