June 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Gnome!

The 3rd birthday was a success! We kept it super simple (When we go a visiting this summer, he's going to get more, Little cutie, so spoiled!) He even got re-gifted things he wasn't interested in before and LOVED them! The following is a series of excitement, scroll a little fast to get the full effect.


He had been singing "Happy Birthday" to himself for a couple of weeks before hand. I fear that he is going to think birthdays are a month long. He couldn't get over the balloons hanging and the happy birthday banner. Seriously, this cupcake lover hardly touched his cupcakes because the whole party was so exciting! It sure is fun to have a 3 year old!

June 3, 2014

I haven't posted a swap shop funny for a while.
 Don't know about you, but usually paying doctors just to tell you "wat" you want to hear isn't the best plan of action.
 Don't know that they make those...

 This one had me giggling quite a bit. Seriously, this page is just FULL of tact :)
Only a little bit until we are out of here. I don't think I am going to leave the swap shop though. I feel like I have really gotten to know some of these strangers. I really appreciate them for their lack of social skills, drama and entertainment value. 
We will miss you Kirksville. 

May 10, 2014

This is a post all about Jack!

I haven't done or update much about how school is actually going! We are coming to the end, (of a chapter, finals and board are quickly approaching) it's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Seriously, isn't he so handsome! This gets my heart pumping a little bit..
One thing I have just LOVED about ATSU is that they have an in house photographer. Not that Jack is in all the pictures, but he's been captured here and there lately. So these are pictures that I DID NOT sneak into the school to take, but of live class and events!

Jack, having already been to basic training, was able to suit up and participate in the 9/11 Ceremony. I am a real sucker for his Uniform. I think he looks SO good in it! 
Suture Lab!
 I remember hearing about this, and I also remember finding remnants with his kit floating around our bedroom. While I was hunting ATSU's pictures I was shocked that Jack practically got his own feature album of sewing up a banana.

Maybe I am just a proud mama bear, but I bet he was rocking it, thus the pictures :)

 ATSU made a special effort to get most of their students to the Capitol for Day on the Hill. The students were able to make a statement with their mass attendance as well as leaving notes for our senators about their opinions about health care. I think many of the med students were worried they would be bored to tears, but Jack really enjoyed it. I am glad he was able to be there and have a small influence on his future.


Jack was also in charge of this year's Rotator Cuff Tournament. He and a few others organized a basketball tournament, inviting various schools from around the country to come with a team. He planned and carefully thought through tasks and details. He was SO excited to play and organize a team to represent ATSU.
 His team didn't win...nor did I have a chance to get him and his team playing. Which I do feel bad about. I was taking pictures for a woman's triathlon here in town (I'll post later) BUT he did get to design the trophies, biasly, I think they look awesome.

 Last but not least, he recently had his transition ceremony, signifying our exiciting move to the next chapter of med school. This is the reason we are moving! He will be participating in various areas in the medical feild, doing hands on work, not just sitting in a classroom. I think everyone in this house is grateful for a change! We just have to get through one more month of no daddy all day every day/night.

 I don't think I take the opportunity to express how proud I am of Jack and his accomplishments here in med school. He works so hard, and all on his own. Jack is self motivated, smart and fully capable of becoming a fantastic doctor!

May 7, 2014

Here's The Deal

Basically, I have a whole bunch to blog about. It's irritating to me that I haven't taken the time, or found the time to sit down and blog. I do have some excuses for my small hiatus:

So...here's the deal

I am pregnant. I have been sicker than before and haven't felt good enough to do anything. Basically, if I have found any energy, it's to do some laundry. The sickness has been nauseousness, headaches and occasional migraines. It's getting better and things are looking up.

We are moving soon. This is very exciting for me. Up until this point however, it's been a lot of stress finding somewhere to live long distance.

Jack has lots of tests coming up. That makes life a little stressful.

We are also wrapping up the end of the year for the Student Advocate Association I have been on the board for. This has been quite a few man hours on  my part. But the end is soon. It's bitter sweet.

Give me a couple weeks. I am excited to jump back into things that I like doing.

January 15, 2014

Great moment of the day

You know when you are testing a backdrop to make sure it works, and you realize you have the cutest kid in the world? 

That happened to me today.

January 8, 2014

Christmas Day!

We again (as we always seem to be) were spoiled for Christmas. Let's be real, I learned to do Christmas from the best. (Mom & Dad) They are awesome with creating anticipation and excitement. I remember hearing the phrase "no we can't buy it, remember, Christmas is coming up soon" The real strategy of Christmas: Collect even the most trivial purchases starting at least 4 months in advance and gift them for Christmas. This huge pile of gifts you see, let's just say some of them are hardly show stoppers. For goodness sake I took a little basketball that he had, hid it for several months, and it's a new hit. 

Yet another witness of stretching gifts. I foam letters that go in the bath tub, bundled them by color and made 5 gifts out of one.

I will be honest, this stethoscope was an annoyance gift for me. I bought it after Halloween 2 years ago for 50cents. It is cheap plastic and smells strongly of it. However, it's a hit. Colt constantly is playing with it, and it's strong plastic-y scent that makes me want to set fire to my nostrils. 

 He got several boxes of fruit snacks, that I buy anyway...

When he woke up, I had set up the camera so I could take a picture of all of us before the mess really got going. He was so excited that Santa came with presents, but he was ALL OVER the fact that the camera was out to capture his cute face and we almost couldn't continue until we took the picture.