June 1, 2015

We eat peanut butter. Lots of it.

Around here peanut butter is always of plentiful supply. I stopped buying smaller jars and we just buy the giant canisters now. Usually, a peanut butter sandwich request is accompanied with a short round of "peanut butter jelly time." Usually, he will substitute jelly with whatever co-condiment he would like. For instance peanut butter chocolate time (nutella) or honey etc. 

 He then will tell you he wants two sandwiches. This means, it MUST be cut in half. Now if you were thinking you could rip it? Don't let him see. Perhaps you would prefer to use a spoon to spread the pea-nutty goodness on your tasty bread. You can forget about that. Your efforts will be useless and he will refuse to eat such garbage. I know you were unaware, but Colt's style of peanut butter sandwich is only of the highest quality,and if it's not, he will just make it himself. 
It's almost heartbreaking to dig into this perfection.

May 31, 2015

Primary something

I currently serve as the Primary Secretary for our ward. We share the building with one other ward and one builtin board between us. The secretaries got together and we decided enough was enough and we created, in my opinion, something really beautiful. We didn't have a whole lot of guidance as Pinterest isn't full of primary builtin boards with such specific requirements. 

The end. I am just bragging. 

May 29, 2015

The Dr. is in.

If you haven't caught on yet, I am doing a little bit of catch up. The benefit of having a future doctor in the home is A) we always feel like we get free medical opinions before heading to the doctor. 
B) the medical equipment is the coolest. 

The downside to having a medical student, is everyone seems to be adopting a can do attitude about medical advise. Dr. Colter is always on the job if anyone is hiring. 

May 27, 2015

We broke our garage door.

About a month or two ago, who really knows time just kinda blends all together for me, the garage door did NOT open all the way. It has been doing this a lot lately, it's stupid. 

We were getting in the car to go to a friends house for dinner and Jack backed into the door. The door was bent and it fell off it's tracks. Jack and I were able to shimmy it up enough to get the cars out just in case, you know, the garage door just falls off on top of them. That would be a big deal.
 It was bent enough, the more we messed with it, the worse it seemed to get. So I called our friends, told them what was going on, and that we would be late. I was all good to leave it and call a pro the next day. We didn't go with my plan. 

 Next thing we know, here comes the Fire truck up the road and it stops right in front of our house. I am having a heart attack thinking our friends called 911. No. Turns out the ambulance wasn't too far behind and backed into our next door neighbors house. 
 So here we are, front row seat outside with our cars and here comes our friend walking up to our house to help with the door. He too was concerned things escalated rather quickly. 

 I sat there with Colt who was ENAMORED with the truck and it was everything I could do to keep him in the car. We embarrassingly watched as our neighbor walked to the stretcher and was loaded in the ambulance and taken away. There we were like a bunch of idiots just gawking at the whole thing, and look, I took a picture of it. What is wrong with me. Again, what kind of moron also posts it on the internet? Stop me someone! Did I mention that we found out later that she passed away at the hospital. Yes, you are gazing upon the last moments of someone's life and I am blogging about it. 
 Seeing that we were clearly doing something over at our home and refused to go anywhere but our front yard, the Firemen came over to see if there was anything they could do for us. One went and helped Jack with the door and the other gave a personal tour of the truck to Colter. Never was there ever a more satisfied child. 

 Sadly, we never got to know our neighbor, but understand that she had a lot of health problems. We know she is in a better place, and wish her family well. 

May 10, 2015

Comparing extremes

Things that are the worst:

Running out of Dr. Pepper

Hitting your shin on something

Headaches- probably because you ran out of Dr. Pepper

Truly believing you have your crap together and then realizing you most certainly did not


Slow internet

allergies (Midwest, you are continuing to best me)

destroying the screen of your laptop for the second time


Things that are much better than the above:
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting


Walking around the temple AND the gardener that picks the flowers. Slow clap, well done!

When your son starts to invent new words to Yo Gabba Gabba songs *original "Don't, Don't, Don't Bite your friends" (let's be real, that is pretty entertaining on many levels) *new "Don't eat your shoes, Don't chew the paper, Don't poop your pants."


Big fan of "The Middle" here. One phrase that they use in a few of their episodes is "you do for family." I am grateful for the family that I have, of ALL levels of relations that seem to live by that mantra, it has saved my bacon and blessed me many times as of late.

The opposite of that; I recently took that zombie survival estimator on Facebook. I die after 25 days in Wyoming because my best friend betrays me. So basically, according to what the perception of the social media world has of me, that "do for family" loyalty I am really finding value in is useless. Whatever best friend, (I assume it's Jack.) feed me to the zombies to save yourself. You do for family until they become dead weight, then protect yourself with them.

Jokes dudes, Jokes.

Here's a picture since just words are boring:

Here's something I made, if you click on it and then right click the image, save as, it's yours to keep:

April 29, 2015

Doctors and their sweet farms

 We are lucky and blessed people. Not sure if you were aware of it. WE have great friends that we get to see and go fishing with. 
Our most recent trip to see our buddies, we were invited to a party on one of the Doctor's farm from that site. They love their students, and definitely are great hosts and we are grateful we got to know them. We enjoyed all the benefits of a farm plus the added bonus of watching Colt squirm as he refused to touch the fish he caught. 

The medical world is small, networking is real, and there are some REALLY awesome people out there!